Remember to Tag Your Photos

Tag your photos!I’ve said this before, but just in case you didn’t catch it then, I’ll say it again!

Tag your photos!

How?  Most photo programs have tagging tools and tags live with the photo, not with the program.  This means I can tag pictures in one program and do a search for “flowers” in Picasa and instantly see all my pictures that I’ve tagged as being of flowers.

If you’re a Picasa user, there’s a little tag button along the bottom of the screen.  Clicking it (it looks like a price tag) will open the tagging window and you can create new tags or add photos to existing tags.

Why? Trust me, if you even take a medium amount of pictures, this will help you so much in the long run.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll use my husband and I as an example.  I have a tagged called “Us.”  Every picture of my husband and I together (just the two of us), I tag with “Us.”

Tag your photos!Now with one click, I see every picture in my collection of the two of us.  It helps when someone wants me to send them a picture of us or for when I’m working on our wedding scrapbook.  Instead of sifting through all of our wedding pictures to find a good picture for the title page, I can narrow it down to just pictures of the two of us and pick from there!

Maybe do this with pictures of your immediate family?  You won’t have to go back digging for one when you wonder “when is the last time we all had our picture taken together?”  Maybe create a tag for each of your kids or pets!  The possibilities are endless!

Do you tag your photos?  What are some of the things you like to keep track of with tags?

4 thoughts on “Remember to Tag Your Photos

  1. I never realized the practical uses of tagging photos until now. As a crafter (and blogger), it will be great to be able to pull up needed photos quickly and easily. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I use Picasa, but haven’t tagged a single photo. It makes sense to start.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you had any issues with the latest Picasa update? I love the new features, but Picasa wants to keep compacting more than ever and when it does, it reloads all the photos causing them to be out of order. Is this just me or has it happened to you too?

    • I’ve experienced the same thing, sorta. I’ve noticed that it’s been wanting to compress when I close it. However, recently when I’ve been closing it, I’ve been in a hurry to turn off the computer, so I’ve stopped it from compressing. Thus I don’t think I’ve seen the same issues quite yet.

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