Custom Address Stamp from Paper Source

Paper Source Custom StampMeet my new return-address stamp, a gift from Mr. P for Christmas.

I love this new stamp.

Maybe that wasn’t clear enough:

Paper Source Custom StampSeriously, love.  I’m looking around the house for stuff to mail just so I can use the stamp.  I thought about stamping all the envelopes for our Christmas cards next year, but that’s probably overkill.

The Particulars

The custom stamp gift set is sold by Paper Source, but Three Designing Women is the company that actually manufactures and delivers the custom stamp plate.  This makes such a great gift because the set comes with the self-inking stamper, the stamp pad and a coupon code so the giftee can pick out and order his/her own stamp design.  The custom stamp plate is shipped free!

Paper Source Custom StampThe stamped design is about 1 3/8″ x 1 3/8″.  It is rather large on small envelopes, but I still love it.

I know, it’s hard to picture the design when I block out part of the address to keep the crazies from knowing my home address.  Here’s a clearer view of the design (image credit to

Paper Source Custom StampPros and Cons


  • It was very easy to order.  There are a ton of designs and I found the perfect one after I got over my initial shock all the pretty options.
  • Once it arrived, the plate was very easy to install.
  • The customer service at Three Designing Women was very helpful when I wanted to check the status of my order but lost my order number when my computer crashed.


  • I wish I was able to preview my custom design before ordering.  It turned out great, but I get paranoid.
  • If I press the stamp too hard because I want the P to get fully inked, the little A’s in the address can get over-inked.  This doesn’t bother me too much because I doubt anyone is closely examining it.

Paper Source Custom StampCustom Stamp Gift Set from Paper Source, $39.95

I was not paid to endorse this product by Paper Source or Three Designing Women.  Neither company knows I am even writing this review.  I only review products I actually purchase and love.

8 thoughts on “Custom Address Stamp from Paper Source

  1. I LOVE Three Designing Women’s stamps, stationery and accessories too!!! I have a different stamp design for every occasion. Not sure if you have ever tried this, but every package we wrap features homemade wrapping paper with stamped impressions on it – always a party favorite! And every time we use a gift bag, we stamp the tissue as well – truly exquisite! Makes me feel like a million because I can give everything a personal touch! We have so much fun with it we give the custom stamp gift sets for every event (birthdays, hostess gifts, thank yous, etc.) and share the love!!!

  2. That is a beautiful stamp! I’ll have to check out those companies. I’m not looking to purchase and address stamp anytime soon though – still have plenty of those address stickers from random charities.

    • That’s why I’m happy I got it as a gift rather than going to get it myself. Actually though, I save the free address labels from charities to address bills and will use the stamp for personal correspondence. I used to print my own pretty labels for personal correspondence, but now I figure I’ll save by just having the stamp.

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