It’s 2012, Have You Organized Your 2011 Cell Phone Pics?

Clean off Cell Phone PicsIt’s 2012, have you organized your 2011 cell phone pictures yet?  It’s very common to take the new year as a time to start off fresh.  I’ve been reading lots of posts and comments from friends who are busily cleaning out their houses and closets.

Hello, this is your cell phone talking.  I have all sorts of awesome pictures from 2011 just hanging out here.  Maybe you should do something with them.

I covered how I organize cell phone pictures last June.  I’ll say it again – your cell phone pictures deserve to be stored and backed up right alongside pictures from your regular camera.

This is triple important for me at this moment because I got a new cell phone and need to make sure and get all the pictures from the old phone backed up before I get rid of it.

Remember – If pictures are from a particular event, consider putting them in their own folder from that event.  If you have a bunch of pictures that don’t go with anything, put them in their own folder for the year.  Mine is called “2011 Cell Phone Random.”  Don’t forget to purge the blurry/bad ones first!

Get going!


8 thoughts on “It’s 2012, Have You Organized Your 2011 Cell Phone Pics?

  1. Great tip! I used to forgot but then I started listening to books in the car. I download books to my phone all the time now so every time I hook the phone up, I make sure to get my photos off. 🙂

  2. Yes, I have! I try to organize them every month or so. I learned my lesson last summer when I ended up being almost a year behind. It can be such a tedious task. Thanks for the reminders!

    • I finally got around to cleaning off my old cell phone this weekend and it was SUPER annoying because I couldn’t figure out at what point I had last transferred the pictures. With my new phone, I actually took a picture of a sign saying “you’ve transferred everything before this point” so I can remember next time.

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