Save the Date Postcard – A Tutorial

Save the Date PostcardI’m excited to share with you some of the paper projects I did for our wedding!  When I got married eons ago there weren’t a lot of wedding blogs.  I took pictures of everything I did so I could share the process.

Save the Date PostcardWe decided to send a postcard because postcard stamps are cheaper.*

I used Microsoft Word for the layout.  For the main part of the postcard, I took the picture we wanted to use (below, the Berkeley campus where we were married), sized it in MS Word and then lightened it so it would look like a watermark.  Then, I put a text box over the picture and added our text.

Save the Date PostcardThis postcard is actually two printed pieces of white cardstock layered together.  The top layer is the watermark photo with the text printed on it.  The bottom layer is a grey border I printed.

Save the Date PostcardThe super cool part of the bottom later is that it’s 2-sided.  The grey border is one one side and the other side is plain white with the return address printed in the corner.

Save the Date PostcardI printed these on my home printer and had them professionally cut.  One of the themes for my wedding crafts was “I know my limits.”  There was no way I could individually cut all of these cards myself with any precision.  The few bucks spent on cutting was worth it.

Finally, I glued both layers together and sent them off!  My next wedding projects got even crazier.  I can’t wait to share!

Save the Date Postcard*I ended up having to pay first class postage anyway because the cards were too big.  FailPostcards must be no larger than 6 inches by 4 1/4 inches.  Tip – If you are trying to save money on postage, make a prototype and take it into the post office to see how much it will cost to mail before you go through the trouble of making all the cards!


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