Christmas Card Gift Tags

Christmas Card Gift TagsDid you know you can make gift tags out of old Christmas cards?  Well, you can!  But first, a story:

While planning our wedding, I had my heart set a tag puncher because I needed to make little name tags for one of our favors.  The husband, being the dear that he is, was skeptical about spending wedding funds on a tag puncher that we’d only use once.  I promised him that we’d use it to make gift tags for Christmas instead of buying tags at the store.  True to my word, every Christmas since we’ve made our own gift tags.

How to Make Gift Tags out of Old Christmas Cards

When the holiday is over, I take all the cards we received and store them with other Christmas supplies.  Any card with a neat design will do.

Christmas Card Gift TagsThe next year, I take my tag puncher and cut tags out of the pretty parts of each card.

Christmas Card Gift TagsThat’s pretty much it!  I sometimes write on the design with a sharpie to say who the gift is for and then use double-stick tape to tape it to the box. You can also punch a hole in the tag and attach it to the gift with string or ribbon and then write on the back.

Christmas Card Gift TagsThere you have it – unique gift tags that are super simple to make.  If I have extras, I stick them back in the box to use for next year.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Card Gift Tags

  1. When I was a kid, we used to make new Christmas cards out of the old ones. We would cut out the interesting parts, and glue them to plain red or green cardstock. Hand-write a message inside, and you’re done! Very similar concept to your tags (which are a great idea, by the way).

  2. These are beautiful! I tend to save all my Christmas cards as I’ve hoped to reuse them in some way. I think this year I’ll be putting them to good use by making tags!

  3. What a wonderful idea. I’m already thinking of all the different things that could be made into gift tags… maybe pictures from magazines and cardstock. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. You can also use bits of left over Xmas paper for tags to. Since most wrapping paper is thin you will need to adhere it to a firmer surface But use double stick tape to adhere it to card stock or plain part of an old card. , glue will cause paper to wrinkle.

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