No-Nonsense Christmas Card Display

Christmas Card Display

I’ve yet to find the perfect Christmas card holder for our place.  By the time December rolls around, I’m tired of looking and just want to display and enjoy the cards already!

At our last place, we strung a piece of fishing line* on the wall under the stairs and hung the cards on it.  This idea is getting more impractical as non-folding cards get more popular.

In the holiday spirit of get-it-done-now-so-you-can-enjoy-the-season, I decided to stick the cards to the wall.  We had a nice space behind the front door and it’s fun to keep adding cards to the design.  It took just a few seconds to add each card.  Done!

I used some sticky putty that doesn’t damage the walls and comes off the cards at the end of the season.  No, I don’t have the brand name because I’ve had a ball of this stuff rolling around in my desk for years.  I’m helpful like that!  Ask around at a hardware store for something that won’t damage the walls.  If I find the name of something similar, I’ll post it to my Facebook page.

*The fishing line may or may not have stayed on the wall 365 days a year at our old place because we were too lazy to take it down figured it blended into the wall.

10 thoughts on “No-Nonsense Christmas Card Display

  1. This is a great, simple idea. I have that stuff too – I think I’ve always found it in the school supply isles but I don’t know what it’s called either. I have some velvet ribbon that I staple my cards to, but I always run out of room. Maybe I’ll add this idea for the spillovers! 🙂

    • I have a problem with never getting around to taking anything off the fridge that I stick on there, so there’s not much space left there! Good idea though if you don’t get too many cards.

  2. Mine are displayed like this, only in a hall, so I have to be careful not to brush against the wall as I walk by. I’ve put mine up with masking tape; so far no paint has peeled from the tape.

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