It’s that Time of Year Again

Christmas cookiesIt’s the most wonderful time of the year.

That is, it’s time for the battle of wills between me and my scrapbook/craft table.  Every year, I think I can fit in some time to work on scrapbook layouts during the holiday season.  And every year is a massive fail.

My time is invariably taken up by meticulously wrapping gifts, baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, going to parties, watching college football, picking out and putting up the Christmas tree and decorating my place.  Am I complaining?  Not really.  I really do enjoy all of the holiday hullabaloo.  I even picked up my Christmas cards for this year at an after-Christmas sale last year because I’m cheap so I could start on them early and have more time to engage in cookie making.

Therefore, you’ll be seeing more holiday-themed posts on my blog in December and fewer scrapbook pages.

If you enjoy my scrapbook layouts, please do stick around!  They will be back again soon!

How do you juggle your time during the season?  Do you still have time to scrapbook?  Do you make holiday albums?


4 thoughts on “It’s that Time of Year Again

  1. Yummy! Those cookies look delicious! Right now, I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel trying to catch up and knowing that it probably won’t happen until after the holidays! I don’t usually have time to scrapbook during December (unless it’s a design team requirement), but I may work on my Christmas photo albums. I actually don’t scrapbook the majority of these photos since I take soooo many. I just stick them in a photo album and mix it up with tiny 4×6 mini pages. There’s a stack of 2010 Christmas photos waiting in a box right now, but first, I have to make my Christmas cards!

  2. I get that same feeling as you, it’s such a rush! I’m always after ways to streamline so I can enjoy myself. I didn’t make cookies last year and that was a mistake, so those are going back on the schedule this year! I’m feeling pretty good right now, I have my Christmas cards ready to mail and a lot of my gifts purchased.

  3. Sadly, it’s not my scrapbooking that tends to suffer during the holidays, it’s my workouts. I always say this year I’m not going to slack off…..but then I do. What I should do is require a 30 minute cardio before any scrapbooking can take place and see if that doesn’t get it done. Good luck with the baking and wrapping and everything else. All the photos will still be there when things calm down. 🙂

    • The funny part about creativity and working out for me is that I find I’m more creative after I work out! Of course, I, like you, have less time working out over the holidays. Double-whammy!

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