Scrapbook Layout: Engagement Division Page

Wedding Scrapbook Enagement PageOver in my personal la-la land, I am still of the (foolish?) assumption that I will be able to fit my engagement, wedding and honeymoon in one album.  We’ll see how that works out.

Anyway, having all of that in one book means there needs to be dividers of some kind.  If you’ve ever worked on the yearbook in high school, you know all about division pages.  Division pages are sort of mini-title pages that separate parts of the book.

I realized I could create division pages for each part of the album to unify everything.  Cue the hemming and hawing because the design I picked for the first division page would have to be the same design I used for all of them.

Wedding Scrapbook Enagement Page DraftIn the end, I decided again that simple would be timeless.  I created a basic photo collage with photos from throughout our engagement.  The photos are individually cut out and glued on pearl shimmer cardstock.  I cut the title out of silver shimmer cardstock using the Silhouette.

That was easy, right?

Wedding Scrapbook Enagement PageRead about specific paper brands I’m using for the wedding scrapbook here.

Did you see I snuck of picture in there of my husband helping with wedding paper crafts?

6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Engagement Division Page

    • Interesting idea! I think it would work really well in a 365 album since that type of album would have so much content. Let me know how it turns out!

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