Book Coasters – Harry Potter Style

Harry Potter CoastersAnother project to use up the leftovers from my book project/wall art!

Note – I am not going into detail about all the steps here.  For full detailed instructions on making coasters, including troubleshooting info, visit my map coaster tutorial.

I know the best way to make coasters and I had all sorts of book pieces lying around.  First up – some Harry Potter coasters for my sister-in-law.  I love Harry Potter, but they really love Harry Potter over at their house.  My niece got a Harry Potter-themed room when she was born!

The steps here are exactly the same as I followed when I made the map coasters.  I took the leftover Harry Potter pages and picked eight favorites.  I still have a bunch of coasters that I got at the dollar bin at Michaels.

Harry Potter Book CoastersI cut out circles and Mod Podged them to the coasters.  I used a couple layers of Hard Coat Mod Podge to seal them.  Guess what I discovered?  When you seal book pages with Mod Podge there are no streaks!  These turned out prettier than my map coasters!

Harry Potter Book CoastersI sprayed them with my clear spray paint to seal and totally waterproof them.  After they dried, I added a pretty ribbon and wrapped them up.  Then I wondered if I needed more coasters at home because these were seriously cool.

Harry Potter Book CoastersSeriously, how many coasters do you pick up and get read about when Harry Potter first learned to fly a broom?

Harry Potter Book Coasters


9 thoughts on “Book Coasters – Harry Potter Style

  1. These are the best coasters! They have lasted through quite a few spills. The also look great when on the table. I love them and I think I am going to have to pass the idea forward this year at holiday time, I always need great ideas for work gifts.

    • Yay! I’m glad they’ve held up! Between the amount of spills that occur at your house and at mine, I’d say these have been durability tested.

  2. Very cool. This sparked a few ideas for me. And I just so happen to be reading HP again. I’m 3/4 of the way through book 7 again. They are better the 2nd time around! 🙂

    • I’d love to see what ideas you got from this! I agree, they are better the second time around. My husband actually re-read the set carefully just to see if he could pick out references to things that one could only understand by reading Book 7 (like the reference to the Dragon in Book 1).

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