Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Title Page

Wedding Scrapbook Title PageI thought the wedding scrapbook would come along faster than my college scrapbooks because I am using the same paper throughout the book.  I thought wrong.  The amount of hemming and hawing I did on this page made me realize how much pressure I’m putting on myself to make it perfect!

I’ve been waiting five years to start on this and want to get it right, but I think I’m going to need a healthy dose of reality soon and someone to smack me and tell me my design is fine.

Exhibit A – see below for the fifty bajillion options I came up with for the monogram and headline.  We already had a monogram I designed for our wedding, but I couldn’t leave well enough alone wanted something slightly different for this.

Wedding Scrapbook draft monogramsThen I went through a phase where I wondered if “Our Wedding” sounded dumb.  I sought a few opinions, realized I couldn’t avoid being cheesy in a wedding scrapbook and decided to go with it.

But let’s get on with it already.  As usual, I printed a draft photo on low ink in black and white and used scrap/leftover paper to simulate what I wanted.  I’m a visual learner, so I can’t commit to the design until I see it.  I’m also cheap, so I can’t cut into paper I’ve spent money on until I’m committed to the design.

Draft Wedding Scrapbook title pageAfter all that drama (you probably think by now that this is a self-help blog), here is the final result!  It may be hard to tell, but the photo is backed with a thin border of pink and then with silver cardstock.  It may look like there’s a seam in the white backdrop because I have to scan the page in two parts and then sew the images together.

Wedding Scrapbook Title Page

Read about specific paper brands I’m using for the wedding scrapbook here.


10 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Title Page

  1. Hurray!! Believe me, I fully understand the hemming and hawing– I did a fair bit of that myself, and then I eventually got into a good rhythm. You will, too!! Your title page looks lovely 🙂

  2. It’s fabulous! I totally get agonizing over all the decisions and wanting everything to be perfect, but that’s going to lead you down 2nd Guessing Rd and you don’t want to be there! So I’ll smack you and I hope you hear me…’s beautiful! I honestly think with wedding albums the focus is on the photos. The more simple and elegant the design, the better your audience will be able to focus on the photos — and whatever stories you will be telling throughout the album. This is a great start! 🙂

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