Currently on the Wedding Front . . .

Wedding cardstockWhat’s going on with her wedding scrapbook?  Why hasn’t she started it?  She said she would start it right after she finished her college scrapbook!

Currently I’m:

  • catching up on craft projects that languished while I was finishing the college book,
  • picking out paper* for the wedding scrapbook,
  • auditioning fonts for the wedding scrapbook,
  • deciding on a pre-wedding color scheme for that part of the book,
  • making lots of lists about what wedding-related events I want to cover,
  • considering designing a new monogram that will work better in the wedding scrapbook.

I usually take a breather between scrapbooks and allow myself time to plan.  The wedding scrapbook is requiring all sorts of up-front design decisions.

I can’t wait until the wedding scrapbook finally gets out of the conceptual stage!

*I thought I was awesome for saving leftover cardstock from my wedding so I could use the same colors in my wedding scrapbook.   Five years down the road, I have no idea if it’s acid free.  Fail.


4 thoughts on “Currently on the Wedding Front . . .

  1. I saved a bunch of card stock from my wedding as well. It helps it all look nice when you make a book. I’m sure you can match the shades and get some new “acid-free” paper. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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