Cue Up Some Color

Color PaletteI’ve been skipping around Pinterest lately hunting for ideas for the wedding scrapbook.  I love looking at color palettes that are made from pretty pictures like this one, this one and this one.

It didn’t even occur to me that I could make my own!  It actually gives me something to do with all my random pictures of inanimate objects.

Making these can get addicting very quickly, so I’ve done just a few to share!

A Flower Stand in Southern France

I took this picture last summer at the Cours-Saleya market in Nice, France.  I couldn’t resist the orchids!

Color PaletteDreaming of Summer in St. Tropez

Same trip.  We escaped the buzz of the main area of St. Tropez for a second and took in this view.

Color PaletteGolden Fields of Poppies

A trove of California poppies from just around the corner.

Color PaletteParasols in Vegas

These parasols were hanging from the ceiling at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  I love the colors!

Color Palette


7 thoughts on “Cue Up Some Color

    • Sure! I think most people use something fancy like photoshop. I just used Microsoft Paint. There’s an eyedropper tool that you can use to click anywhere in the photo and it will match that color. I used that tool to pick out colors and then drew some boxes underneath the picture. Hope this helps!

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