On My Love for Garamond


Someone at work sent around an announcement with a really pretty, yet simple headline.  What font was it?  Garamond Italic.

Garamond is a workhorse font for me.  It’s utilitarian but pretty at the same time.  I’ve never even thought of using it in italics!  I loved it so much I started using it on my blog.  It would look great as a scrapbook headline, too.  I’m seriously considering incorporating it somewhere in my wedding scrapbook.  Okay, maybe everywhere in my scrapbook.  Hmmmm.

6 thoughts on “On My Love for Garamond

  1. Garamond is pretty much my favorite font, too! I actually published my undergrad thesis in Garamond (and my academic advisor actually commented on how nice the text looked, haha). I’ve always thought it has the best italics of any serif font I’ve seen. Unfortunately, they’re not as nice in bold-italic, but that’s okay!

    • Wow, I’m surprised that they let you publish your thesis in Garamond! My husband has a formatting instruction list for his thesis that’s about a mile long!

      I agree, I wish the bold italic was nicer! It’s disappointing!

  2. Hi Natalie!

    I also love Garamond – I just designed some wedding invites & programs using mostly Garamond – it’s such a pretty font!

    Also, thanks for the note on my blue & gold blog post – are you as happy about Cal’s win this weekend as I am??

    • I used Garamond regular a lot in my wedding – I would love to see the invites you designed!

      I’m pleasantly surprised at how the game went on Saturday. After the first interception I was almost ready to give up for the season. They look promising!

      • I know, after Saturday’s game I’m way more optimistic about this season than I was at the beginning of last season, so that’s good! Fingers crossed we can keep it up and keep improving each week!

        Also, I can email you the invites I did if you want to see them – I’ll probably post them on my blog at some point, but not sure when 🙂

      • Up to you! I’d love to see them if it’s not inconvenient and you have pictures already. I can also patiently wait for you to post about them if you haven’t gotten around to getting pictures yet!

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