Rehabbing My Ikea Nightstand

Nighstand before and after.

Truth is, it wasn’t supposed to be a nightstand.

I got this piece to use as a set of desk drawers in college 10 years ago and then started using it as my nightstand.  The ugliness of it didn’t bother me until now.  Maybe it’s Pinterest-envy.

Our bedroom has always been a mishmash of stuff.  We rent and I don’t really see the point of spending a ton of money to get pieces that work in a room we won’t be living in super long term.  I’d rather dress up the stuff we have and make it all work together.

Ikea-particle-board-special?  You’re first on the list.

This is the second project I took up to my mom’s house.  Earlier in the week, I posted about the new napkins she made me.

Rehabbing with Paint

We took the drawers out, removed the handles and filled in the holes.

Nighstand drawer.

Guess what happened next?  Right!  Sand, prime paint.

Fake wood surfaces aren’t the best to paint, so we made sure to sand it down.  I used white spray primer and Rust-oleum satin Heirloom White spray paint.  As with most projects, several light coats will do the trick.  A heavy hand will make the paint job look splotchy or give you drips.

Painting the nightsand.

Be patient!  Be prepared to wear your painting clothes for a couple hours and check and touch it up every 30 minutes or so.

I sealed it with some of my Rust-oleum Satin Clear finishing spray.

Cat helper.

Drool-able New Knobs

I’ve been lusting after these Zinnia knobs from Anthropologie for months, especially since I saw Rachelle from Adventures in Creating use something similar to update her furniture.  I was worried that the bolts on them were too long, though.

Zinnia knobs from Anthropologie.

Solution? Hack saw.*  After drilling holes and installing the new knobs, I took a hack saw and sawed off the excess bolt sticking out into the drawer.


Some of the paint chipped off during transit and I was able to fix it when we got home.  I was afraid that the paint wouldn’t want to stick to the fake-wood finish.  I did sand it originally, but looking back, I should have sanded it more.  If you are spray painting fake-wood, sand the heck out of it!

Since I’ve put it in the house, it’s held up well!  No new chips!  Jessika suggested that I spray some spray paint into a cup and paint it on if anything else chips.  Awesome idea.  For now, I love how it turned out and it was the best solution.

Finished nighstand.

*I won’t bore you with how I checked out a Dremel at the tool lending library, had to go back to get the right attachment, proceeded to break 2 cutting wheels, and then decided to go the old fashioned way with the hack saw.  Nothing is ever as simple as I make it seem in these posts.  But if I told you the whole story, you’d be reading a short novel!

9 thoughts on “Rehabbing My Ikea Nightstand

  1. Looks great! And I like the dremel stories because it makes me feel better when I break stuff. I would like to believe that I learn from them and break less stuff but that’s a scary statement. Imagine how much stuff I would break if I didn’t hear/read stories like that!

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