The Big List

Using Google Docs to keep a scrapbook list.

How do I know I’m near the end of my scrapbook?  The list told me.

I think many scrapbookers keep some sort of list of layouts they want to do.  While I don’t plan out exactly how many pages I will do, I like to have a list as a reference for when I’m ready to move on to the next page.

I made this list when I started the book.  I go through my box of keepsakes for the year and write down every possible event that I could scrapbook if I wanted to.  I go through all the pictures I have from that year and add to the list.

Will I scrapbook everything on the list?  No.  It just helps writing it out to make sure I don’t miss anything and so I can look at the big picture to see what’s important.

I type my notes (trust me, I will lose them otherwise), and keep them in a document stored online in the cloud.  I can access my list from anywhere in the house or even at work (not that I would look at it at work . . .).

Just like a handwritten list, the best part is crossing off items as I go along.  The end is near!


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