Scrapbook Layout: It’s My Party

Graduation party scrapbook layout.

Friends, we’ve made it to the home stretch.  All that’s left in this book are graduation layouts and I’m DONE.  I can’t remember if I was as excited about actually graduating as I am about finishing this book.

This layout is inspired by the layout below by Celeste Smith that appeared on this Write. Click. Scrapbook post.  I love the big photo on the top and how the smaller photos are separated from the top with some colored paper.

Inspiration for scrapbook page.

The challenge for me?  I had digital and 35mm photos to work with.  I took the digital photos and my grandparents sent me the 35mm prints.  They got a few shots that I really wanted to use so I was stuck building a layout around pictures that I couldn’t resize.

As is typical with me, I did a rough draft.  The black and white prints are drafts of digital pictures.  The white areas are spots for the 35mm pictures.

Scrapbook layout draft.

I hand lettered the title using my makeshift carbon paper method.  The font is Berlin Sans FB (Microsoft font).  I decided to give my own handwriting another go and wrote the long caption by hand.

I rounded the outer corners to give it some more character and I was set.  Nothing too complicated here, but I got several large pictures on the page without it looking overwhelming.  Success!

Graduation party scrapbook page.

Photo of inspiration layout is courtesy Celeste Smith.

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2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: It’s My Party

  1. Congrats for getting to the end of your book! You did a great job combining the prints with your digital images. I love how the color strips divide up the photos but it’s still a cohesive layout. Love it!

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