My New Printer Stand

Painted printer stand.

It’s time to show you some really embarrassing photos.  If I want to give myself a pat on the back for an awesome mini space makeover, you’ll appreciate it more if you saw the “before” picture.

Here is the desk in the home office.  The desk isn’t usable as a work surface.  Most of the non-computer space is eaten by the printer.  Seriously, why do decent printers have to be this big?

Cue embarrassing picture.

Office desk area.

The other thing you will notice is the wasted space between the desk and the wall/closet door.  That space has been a junk catcher ever since we moved in.

I found the best piece of used furniture! It measured perfectly:  it would fit the printer snugly and it wasn’t too deep, thus not cutting off access to the closet.  I’m not the biggest fan of wrought-iron, but I knew I could paint it!

Wrought-iron table.

I primed it first and then used Rust-oleum slate blue.  Same instructions apply here as they did with my lamp redo – prime first, then spray several light coats to ensure no drips.

That’s it!  There was even room for my paper shredder!

Printer stand

Note: this is not my photo printer.  My photo printer lives on the other side of the room.  Yes, I have 2 printers.

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