Scrapbook Layout: First Time Handwriting

I loved scrapbooking two events with one layout so much that I decided to try it again!

More importantly, this is the first page where I’ve actually used my own handwriting.  I’m actually not a fan of my handwriting, but it looks more personal.  I was really taken with Elise’s minibooks and how clean she makes them look while still using handwriting.

Photo Blocks

Experimenting again with photo blocks, I “separated” each event by creating a 6-inch square of photos.  I didn’t have a plan for either one, I just added and cropped photos until they filled the square.  I printed each square using my trusty photo printer.

After that, I decided to hand-cut the headlines again.  I realized it’s actually easier to do using scrapbook paper instead of cardstock.

Another hand cut headline!


I don’t handwrite on my pages also because I’m a lefty.  Lefties have a hard time writing straight lines because we can’t see what we’re writing!

The page needed something else to fill the space, so I decided to go for it.  I had to be careful because I was writing on the page itself.  I drew very light lines to make sure I wrote straight and erased them later.

Erasing my guidelines.

Not bad, you may end up seeing more of my handwriting soon.

4 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: First Time Handwriting

  1. Beautiful! Your handwriting is lovely. Can’t wait to see how you use it more on your pages!

    (And seriously, I am so impressed by your hand-cut titles. I tried that for a while, and then I gave in and got myself a Silhouette SD 🙂 )

    I used to type a huge fraction of my journaling for my scrapbook pages, and gradually, I have become converted to hand-writing most of it. Not only is it usually quicker (I just slap* it on the page rather than having to go through all the steps to print it just so), but I have really started to buy into the whole “in the future, the people who look at your scrapbooks will love seeing your actual handwriting” idea. I still type my journaling when I have a whole lot to say, or if I’ve already got it typed up (say, in a journal I’ve kept on my computer for a long trip)

    *you read my blog, so you know that when I say “slap”, I really mean practice (at least once) on a piece of scratch paper, write it on the actual page in pencil (at least once), go over it in pen, and then erase the pencil marks… There’s no actual “slappage” about the way I work! 😉

    • I’m still working on the husband about the Silhouette being a necessary expense. If he wants to see the boxes disappear from the closet faster, he should agree with me.

      I’m the same way in that I used to type a lot of things. I think I’ll do a mix of typing/lettering and handwriting. I have another layout I’m going to post next week and I’m not as pleased with how the writing turned out. But, I agree, I think it looks more timeless.

      I totally get what you meant by “slap!”

  2. That looks great! I’ve always done a mix of computer journaling and hand journaling. My problem is I tend to write big so if I have a lot to say, I have to type it. But if only a few sentences, it’s much faster to just “slap” it on there! LOL

    I can vouch for the Silhouette SD. Totally worth the $. 😉

    • I’m hoping handwriting will actually be quicker, but I really have to write slowly for my writing to look halfway decent. Hopefully it will work better with practice!

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