Scrapbook Layout: Two Events, A Single Layout

Two separate events.  Both involve wearing pretty dresses.  Both involve celebrating the University’s birthday.  How about combining them into one 2-page layout?

My goals for these two pages were:

  • Keep some “white space”
  • Experiment with photo blocks
  • Use one keepsake per page.

Photo Blocks

Laying out blocks of photos digitally then printing them together is faster than cropping and printing each picture separately.  This is why I use a photo printer.  I was eager to see how it would look!

Of course, I printed a draft of everything first.

Draft mode.

After I had everything where I wanted it, I printed the blocks on the photo printer and backed them in light green cardstock.

Printed photo block backed in light green stock.


I backed both pages in this shimmery blue-green that I picked up at Wal-Mart at Jessika’s suggestion.  The pad of cardstock was only $5, so I decided to get one and experiment with it.

Shimmery backdrop.

I designed the headlines using the font Lobster (free download).

Titles printed in the font Lobster.

I transferred the headline to the page using my usual makeshift carbon paper method.  Then I colored the letters with gold pen.

Coloring the faint lines after I transferred the headline.

The letters needed more definition, so I outlined them with a fine black pen.

Outlining the letters in black ink.

A Note About That Ticket

I actually designed the Ball ticket on the second page when I was in college.  I experimented with printing an old drawing of the campus on tracing paper to lay over the ticket.

Why does this matter?  I ended up using this same technique a couple of years later for my wedding.  You can see a preview picture of how it turned out here.

Ticket I designed for the Ball.

Two events, one layout, two pages.  A success!


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