Wanted: Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

*UPDATE – I’ve now started my own wedding scrapbook since this post.  Click here to see the progress.*

I’m close to finishing my last college scrapbook.  The next project is scrapbooking my wedding!

I’m actually very intimidated about this.  I want to make the wedding scrapbook just. right.

Five years isn’t too late, right?  Since it’s been about five years since we got married, I figure I should get around to scrapbooking the wedding.  I’m actually fine with putting it off for this long.  I had super craft burnout after the wedding and I don’t think I would have done a good job.

So what are your ideas?  Do you have a wedding scrapbook?  A wedding album?  Both?  What would you have done if you were married a while ago and scrapbooked back then?

Some fun examples:  I’ve been combing the internets looking for some inspiration.  Here is some of what I found:

  • Elise’s Wedding Album: This is definitely an album rather than a scrapbook, but I love the clean polished look.  The colors are very vivid but she still manages to keep a lot of white space to make it look fresh.
  • Sharyn’s Wedding Scrapbook:  This is a scrapbook done in black, white and red.  Definitely striking!  What I like here is that she included her invitation and other tangibles.  That’s definitely on my list to do.
  • Kelley’s Wedding Scrapbook: I love how Kelly included her proposal and everything leading up to her wedding in the scrapbook.
  • Natalie’s Wedding Scrapbook*:  Did you know that there’s another Natalie who also blogs about scrapbooking, got married the same month and year that I did and is working on her wedding scrapbook this year?  Her scrapbook is gorgeous and is the closest thing I’ve seen to what I want to do.

My plan so far.  I know I want the scrapbook to be all-encompassing of my wedding adventure.  It will have different sections for our wedding, engagement and planning, rehearsal, bachelor(ette) parties, bridal shower, honeymoon and anniversaries.  I could have a scrapbook that’s just the wedding, but then what would I do with the other pieces?  Our honeymoon wouldn’t fit well in another scrapbook.

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Photo Credit: photo from my wedding by Katherine Bettis Photography.

*Updated September 22, 2011 – I published this post back in April and quite a few of you are checking out the lovey ladies I listed above and their wedding albums.  Natalie finished her album a little bit ago and I wanted to link to it here to make sure you see it!


16 thoughts on “Wanted: Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

  1. Well, I am absolutely no help as there has been no wedding for me yet. Still hoping that I run into Mr. Right one of these days. 🙂 I love the idea of having everything in one place. That’s the benefit of scrapping it 5 years later – you can include it all in one place. When you do it as you go along, it would be harder to keep it cohesive.

  2. We had a somewhat unconventional wedding. We got married at the courthouse in October. We had our reception in December (we were living in Georgia and our family was in Illinois so we had the reception in Illinois during our holiday trip to Illinois). We didn’t go on our honeymoon until May (I was going to grad school and needed to wait until we had our semester break). It is all in one album. I scrapbooked our wedding photos and shared those pages at the reception. I then had cut paper so that people could write messages to us instead of a traditional guest book. Those then went in the album along with photos from the reception. Finally, our honeymoon photos went in the album, too.

    • Awesome! I’d love to see it if you’d like to share it with me. We did a non-traditional guest book as well. I had everyone sign little 3×4-inch cards because I knew I wanted to put them in a scrapbook at some point. I can’t decide if I want to put all of those on a set of pages by themselves or spread them throughout the book.

  3. Have you looked on the 2peas website? They are doing a bit of a wedding special at the moment. I’ve just kicked off a wedding scrapbook for my brother with a slightly unconventional all black page (it’s on my blog). They lost their wedding album when they moved house but have all the photos on disc. L’il Bro has done so much to help me in my house I want to give them something back.
    Whatever you decide to do it will be special and cherished because it is yours.

    • Thanks for the kind thoughts! I’ll hop over to 2peas and check it out. I also found out that Write. Click. Scrapbook. is focusing on weddings this month as well. More ideas!

      What an awesome project you are working on! I’ll be sure to check it out. It’s very sweet of you to put together and album for your brother. I have all of my pictures on DVD as well and I gave them to various family members in case anything ever happens to our set.

  4. Wow – thank you for featuring my wedding scrapbook! I waited about two years before I started mine and am so glad I did… I was also burned out after the wedding! My album ending up being about 50 layouts and it took waaaaay more paper, adhesive and letter stickers than I ever could have guessed. I LOVE your idea to include all the wedding related activities into one album; I so would have done this if my album weren’t already bursting. Good luck!! 🙂

    • Thanks! Yours was one of the few true wedding scrapbooks I found when I was looking. Did you have any other things like a photo album in addition to the scrapbook or just the scrapbook?

      I hear you on the burnout. It’s why I’m so behind with scrapbooking in general. The wedding sucked up all of my craftiness for a while and I was burned out with everything!

      • We have an album put together by our photographer. The photos look a lot better in the professional album, but I honestly love the scrapbook more because of the journaling and mementos. We also have an album of just 4×6 photos we received from friends and family. I did scrapbook things like showers and bachelorette but those went into my chronological albums (only because they don’t fit in the wedding scrapbook!). I haven’t even touched our honeymoon photos though… still very overwhelmed by the thought of that!

      • Interesting! Yes, we have a separate album as well because I don’t think I could print that many pictures for a scrapbook. But I’m with you – having the mementoes in the scrapbook is very important to me. Pictures of them don’t count! 🙂

        I’m not sure how I’m going to handle the honeymoon section of the book because I didn’t include the honeymoon in the album. I don’t want to be selective with pictures in the wedding section and then have photo explosion in the honeymoon section. Hmmmm.

      • And wait wait – there are FIFTY layouts to your scrapbook? So more than you showed on your site?? I would love to see pictures of the other pages if you have them. I’m trying to wrap my head around what items need individual pages and what to put together. The way you put together the pages you show on your blog really appeals to me.

  5. Wow, thank you so much for including my album in your inspiration list, and for your super-kind words about it!! I am so flattered!!
    I really can’t wait to see what you do with your album… I’m sure it’s going to be gorgeous!

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