Hello there!  I’m coming to you from my sick bed today to share some exciting updates to my blog!

One could interpret this as I’m really bored.

Updated Menus

I’ve added new menus for Supplies and Tips & Techniques.  The Supplies menu features all of my posts on supplies or products that I use.  I’m not paid to endorse any of them, they’re just my favorites after a ton of trial and error.

Tips & Techniques is a collection of all my scrapbooking tip-like posts.  This collection of posts is not only about specific scrapbooking techniques (such as this makeshift carbon paper post that I refer to constantly), but also other ideas that are part of my process such as keepsake organization, saving newspapers, keeping a travel journal and types of pictures to take on your vacation.

While you are checking these out, stop by my other menus that collect all of my posts on craft projects as well as all of my scrapbook layouts.

Links to Blogs I Read

I’ve updated the Links page with a bunch of new scrapbooking and paper craft blogs that I read.  Yes, I do indeed read them all every single day.  Check them out for some exciting stuff!


If you subscribe to my blog by email or RSS, take a moment to click through!  If you’re not a subscriber, subscribe today and get my posts delivered to your inbox (I promise I won’t spam you!  It’s only 2 emails per week.).  Simply enter your email address into the box on the top right of the homepage.

While you’re at it, check out my Facebook page.  I post updates from my blog on my Facebook page as well as other fun craft ideas that I find.

I hope this makes navigating my blog easier for you!


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