Guest Post: Scrapbook Budgeting

I scrapbook, but I don’t spend a ton of money on my projects.

Here are some of the shortcuts I use!

Paper and Glue: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart carries a variety of paper. They have textured cardstock and glittered, designed, plain and shimmery paper. It’s a bulk store but the stock remains constant. I know that what I want is usually available.

Inexpensive scrapbook paper from Wal-Mart.

The best part? A pack of thirty 12×12 pages is $5. Michael’s was charging me between $10 and $25 per pack and their stock seemed to change regularly.

I tried to use double stick tape for my scrapbooking. But because I had to tape the background, backing on each photo, then attaching those to the background, I used too much tape. I switched to rubber cement. It’s $2.30 per can and if I get glue on a photo, I can just rub it off. Nothing shows!

Month Titles: From Magazines

I used to buy packets of letters from Michael’s and other craft stores. It worked but it was a big waste of money. Each packet cost between $2 and $5, even with a coupon. The packet would only last a month or two before I began running out of key letters.

Magazine letters turned into headlines.

I decided to cut letters out from my old magazines and outline them. It’s colorful, fun and definitely looks different than the rest of the layout. They stand out!

The key benefit: it’s free!

Photos: Snapfish and Ebates

I order my photos, one month at a time, from Snapfish. It’s cheaper than my local store, even with shipping.

I only order one month at a time because Snapfish doesn’t organize the photos when shipping. For me, the hassle of figuring out what photo belonged in what month wasn’t worth ordering multiple months. Then again, I have 50-75 photos a month. If you only have a few, it might be worth it for you.

Before ordering from Snapfish, I login to my Ebates account and go to my Snapfish account through their site. With Ebates, I get around 11% back! Plus, I can still use Snapfish coupon codes. Ebates sends a check quarterly and has a lot of websites. I use them for most of my online purchases!

Other Crafts: Coupons

I almost never buy anything from a craft store without a coupon. Michael’s has coupons in every Sunday insert. However, they frequently have things slightly on sale, which means it’s usually not covered by a coupon. Still, for big specialized things like my paper cutter, I combined multiple coupons to save $35!

Stickers: Dollar Store

I rarely use stickers, since it’s not really my style of scrapbooking. Sometimes for the occasional layout or card, I do use some stickers. They can be expensive from specialty stores.

Solution: dollar stores! They frequently change their supply so different types are available all the time. Three to six sheets can go for $1! These last name initial stickers are 8 pages for $1!

For my next and final guest post, I’ll discuss the different types of scrapbooks I’ve used. Although my scrapbook was more expensive than the $10 albums at Michael’s, I can fit more photos in it which saves money in the long run.

Those are my major scrapbook money tips. Scrapbooking does cost money but it doesn’t have to be expensive!


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