Guest Post: the Project

Hi. I’m Jessika and I blog over at Oregon Kaisers. I’ve been blogging since February 2008 and it’s a mish-mash of everything in my life. Though we have no kids yet, the cast of the blog still has plenty of characters, from my husband and I to our dogs to our ongoing list of projects.

Today, I’m going to talk about my current scrapbooking process and how it works for me. Later, I’ll cover how I try to save money on my scrapbook supplies and the different scrapbooks I used before arriving at my current setup.

The Project

My current project is a scramble of a scrapbooking catch-up. I’ve had a hard time figuring out my scrapbooking style. The result is that I’m far behind.

My goal is to get 100% caught up. I break my scrapbooking down by month. My husband and I were married in late June 2009, so my goal is to be caught up from then to the present. Not only did I have to get caught up, but I was going to redo some older pages because I kept changing the size of scrapbook I used (which is another post).

After reading Natalie’s post about the Pioneer SJ-100 Scrapbook, I switched to using it. My first month in the new scrapbook was March 2010.

First page in the new scrapbook.

I store my scrapbook and pages in a box so our animals don’t get into it.

My new Pioneer scrapbook.

Box to store supplies and keep pets away.

The Process


First, I order a month’s worth of pictures from

I only order one month’s worth of photos at a time because Snapfish doesn’t ship the photos in any particular order – they come in one mixed up stack!


Next, I cut the photos. My goal with layouts is to make them nice, but it’s okay if they aren’t perfect.

I cut the photos, trying to include all of the image I want, leaving space to trim off more if I have to.

I use the Fiskars LED SureCut Paper Trimmer. I love this cutter.

It’s fast, easy, it lights up and it folds up for smaller cuts.

It folds for smaller cuts!

Organizing and Planning

Once the photos are cut, I organize them into categories and pages. Here is one page from May 2010, the category is “San Diego” and the page is “Beach.”

Photos separated into month and event.

At this point, I map out many pages I need for each event and what order I want to scrapbook them. For example, I knew that I had enough garden photos for April 2010 to do two pages’ worth.

Two page garden layout.

Because you work directly on the Pioneer Scrapbook’s pages and scrapbook events back to back, it takes a bit of planning to make sure that 2-page layouts start on a left-facing page.


With all my photos cut and divided by month, they go in my photo box. They are arranged in the order they will appear in the scrapbook, with dividers between the months.

Photos cut and stored with dividers.

After that, it’s just a matter of doing each page!

So that’s me. I have a couple more guest posts planned, so here’s hoping you like hearing about a different scrapbooking style. I’ll also share a few tips!


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: the Project

  1. Hi Jessika! Fun to see a guest poster while Nat is off on her trip. I love to hear (read?) about how others set up their own scrapbooking processes. I’ve never seen that kind of album by Pioneer before. I remember the CM albums were like that, where you scrapbooked directly into them, but I didn’t know there were others. Reminds me of the scrapbooks my Mom would staple stuff directly to the pages in when I was growing up. Looking forward to hearing your tips about saving money on supplies! 🙂

    • Thanks Tammy! The next few posts are much more directed at a subject, so I hope you stay tuned. I love the pioneer albums. They are so much more tangible(?) than some other albums. And huge! It’s really fun to scrapbook with so much space.

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