Sketch it Up

Let’s talk about sketching. Do you sketch before you scrapbook? What’s your creative process?

I sketch all of my layouts. I don’t need to have a perfect artist’s rendering of what my page will look like, but I’m a visual person and I have to get my ideas down on paper.

Sketch to Narrow Down Ideas

Usually I’m not sure about how I want to tackle a layout. I’ll sketch a few different ideas to compare them.

I showed a holiday layout earlier this week. That layout was actually the third idea I came up with:

Different ideas for holiday layout.

I knew I wanted to use wrapping paper and a glittery headline. I wanted a large headline so I canned the first idea. I tend to like clean lines, so I moved on to my third idea.

Finished holiday layout using idea number three.

I’ve been wanting to do a big headline down the side for a while.

In the sketch below, notice that I was going to do a big headline for my party page:

I thought about a large headline down the side for this earlier page about parties.

But I ended up really liking how the page was broken up horizontally and did it this way:

Finished party layout with headline that cuts across the page.

Sketch to Refine One Idea

I’ll sketch multiple variations of the same idea until I get one that I like. In the school page below, I thought for a while about the boxes and how I was going to fit the baseball ticket in.

Refining my idea about cutting up pieces of schoolwork.

I also used a sketch to figure out how I was going to alternate the blue, orange and grey backgrounds for each piece on the page.

Finished school page.

Above all, it’s important for me to have a general idea before I dig in. I don’t make any cuts until I know where I’m going. I can still change things later, but I don’t want to waste supplies.

Do you sketch out your layouts first? Or do you dig in and go with it?


4 thoughts on “Sketch it Up

  1. Great post! 🙂 If I’m weak on anything when it comes to scrapbooking, it’s design. I almost can’t scrapbook a layout anymore with out a sketch or an inspiration layout. I do the same thing, sketch something then refine it, but sometimes the refining comes once I start working on it and the photos are not working in the space or I change the embellishments or something. I like to know where I’m going too, but I stay flexible because if it’s not working, I’ll change course. Great post!

    • Thanks! I also almost never start without some sort of inspiration. I’m such a visual person that I have to get something on paper first! I wasn’t sure about sharing these sketches because my drawing and handwriting are terrible!

  2. omg, you wouldn’t like me very much…when I’m scrapping for myself, I just glue it down…no sketches, no measuring, no laying it down ahead of time and moving stuff around…drives my friends crazy! But if I’m doing something for one of the DT’s I’m on, some require a sketch so I do use them…

    • Ha! Everyone has a process and I’m always interested to hear ones that are different than mine. I have a pretty controlling personality, so it’s probably why I sketch!

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