Scrapbook Layout: Axe Rally

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of our journey through Big Game Week 2003.

Yes, I know I have gentlemen reading this blog.

Since the Bears won the 106th Big Game, it means I have one more layout to do:  the Axe Rally.  The Axe Rally takes place the Monday following the Big Game if the Bears win and bring home the Stanford Axe.

Newspaper and lots of pictures.

I admit, I was on auto-pilot for this one.  I used the same supplies and techniques that I used in my other Big Game Week pages over the last two weeks:  all blue and gold and everything cut to fit very tightly together.

A different move for me – I wanted to include an entire news article on the page.  Usually I use bits and pieces of news articles.  Some of my friends were quoted in the article, so the whole thing was going in!

Using both pieces of the news article.

Since the news article was in two pieces (a front page piece that continued later inside the paper), I didn’t want to try and mash them together.  I opted to put them at opposite corners of the page.

Again, I used a mix of 35mm and digital photos here.  I printed drafts of the digital photos first to check on cropping and sizing.

Playing around with the pictures.

Finally, I had one little space left that was too small for a picture or a headline.

Last bit of space that needs something.

I cut a small piece of gold cardstock to fit.

Small piece of gold cardstock trimmed to fit.

And just like that, I am done scrapbooking Big Game Week.

I’m going to go collapse now.


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