Scrapbook Layout: Big Game Bonfire

We are past the halfway point with Big Game Week layouts! I know you’re excited.

This page keeps with the let’s-see-how-much-I-can-fit-onto-one page and I-can’t-believe-I’m trying-to-tell-this-story-on-one-page themes. In other words, it’s very similar to the Campus Decorating page I showed last week.

The focal point on this page was the poster. Just as I did with Campus Decorating, I started by printing drafts in several sizes and laying the page out around it.

Laying out page with draft posters.

Finally deciding on what size I wanted the poster to be, I printed it and started gluing everything down. I printed another simple headline on gold cardstock.

Gluing down poster, laying the rest of the pictures out.

After carefully trimming all the pictures, it was easy to finish!


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