Scrapbook Layout: Campus Decorating

This is the second post about several layouts I’m working on for Big Game Week in my fourth year in college. If you’ve been following along with my college layouts thus far, you know that school spirit is kind of a big deal for me.

Last week was the intro to Big Game Week. This layout focuses on the decorating we did all over campus to get ready for the week. This page is much simpler because it was mostly pictures:

I started with the large picture of Sather Gate and tried to work everything else around it. I wasn’t sure how big I wanted the picture to be. I solve this by printing several copies of the picture in different sizes. I print them in low quality black and white so I don’t waste much ink.

Draft Sather Gate pictures in various sizes to play around with.

I don’t waste paper either! I keep a stash of pages in my desk that have been printed on one side already. I reuse them by printing draft pictures on the other side:

Don’t waste paper! Reuse paper that’s printed on one side for draft pictures.

I had a mix of 35mm 4×6 prints and digital pictures for this page. I use the same “draft picture” concept for the other digital prints on the page. I print everything out in low-quality black and white first before committing to a size.

Drafts of digital prints mixed with 35mm 4×6 prints.

You can probably tell that I moved a bunch of stuff around after this point. I love the Campanile pictures, but I didn’t want them all right next to each other.

Finally, after deciding where I wanted everything, I printed the headline. This is the same font I used for the two earlier Big Game Week pages except I didn’t cut it out by hand (I’m only a masochist some of the time). The font is Franklin Gothic Heavy.

I went the easy route by feeding the yellow cardstock through the printer.

Headline is printed on cardstock that I fed through the printer.

Tips & Ideas

  • Mix digital and 35mm prints.
  • Print draft copies of digital prints in various sizes before printing the real thing.
  • Save paper around the house that’s only printed on one side and reuse it for draft pictures.
  • Take a shortcut on making headlines by feeding cardstock directly through the printer.

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