Scrapbook Layout: Big Game Week Layouts

These are the first of several Big Game Week layouts. For those not familiar with Big Game Week, it’s the rivalry week at Cal and the culmination of all school spirit.

There is no special design for my Big Game Week layouts. The name of the game is “let’s see how many things I can fit on each page.” I have a mountain of pictures and scraps from this week and it’s important to get as much as I can into my scrapbook.

My Big Game Week layouts really evoke what it was like to help run and participate in those events: they are organized craziness.

The Details

Instead of trying to describe all the different components on the page, I’ll show you!

I’ve covered this before, but it’s very important to me to blend pictures and scraps/mementos on the page. This is what makes it a scrapbook and not a photo album.

Check out all the different components on this page!

You can’t tell by the picture above, but the program opens and you can read each page.

This is actually what I started out with. What you can’t see in the picture is the other stack of pictures that didn’t even make the cut.

The beginning.

I started with another hand-cut headline and then worked everything around that.

More painstaking cutting with my xacto knife and scissors.

I lay everything on the page and move things around before I start trimming pictures.

Laying everyting out before cutting.

After everything is glued down, I cut out tiny captions and stick them on top of some of the pictures.

Cutting out tiny captions.

Second Page

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Details of the second page components.

This is what it looks like when I decide what I want on the page but before I trim everything to fit:

A blueprint of sorts.

I save a lot of news articles, but you know that already. Sometimes I don’t end up using the entire article, just the headline. I used two headlines on this page to help convey different themes from the week.

Every single item on these pages is painstakingly trimmed down to fit like a puzzle piece on the page. Yes, I will sit there and shave a millimeter off a picture if it doesn’t fit just right.

Sometimes with these puzzle-like pages, I have a bit of extra space that I fill in with cardstock:

Extra space filled with cardstock.

Here’s the thing – I don’t want it to look like extra space. If the extra space is big enough, I’ll cut something to go in it.

Hand cut mini walking bear to fill extra space.

There, now I feel better. You know that if I had that bit of extra space with nothing to fill it with, I would get the shakes. It’s one of my many talents.


Finally done! I’m already knee-deep in the next Big Game Week layouts. Stay tuned!

Tips & Ideas

  • Sometimes big events don’t need an inspired layouts. See how many items you can neatly organize onto one page.
  • With this many components on a page, make sure you have everything where you want it before you start cutting.
  • Mix pictures with scraps and mementos.
  • Captions can be placed on top of pictures.
  • Not every picture needs a caption.
  • For these puzzle-like layouts, fill extra bits of space with cardstock and maybe add a fun cut-out.

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