Scrapbook Layout: A Party Layout, but I Can’t Show You the Pictures

I wasn’t even going to post about this layout, but it turned out so nicely I had to share it. But I can’t show you the pictures.


The pictures aren’t R-rated, but they did come from college and some of my friends lead successful professional lives now. I figured it was the right thing to censor the pictures and show you the layout.


This was one of those pages where I had a ton of pictures I wanted to include. I chose my favorites then went through some of my saved layout ideas. I’ve had the following magazine clipping in my file for years.

Took the idea from a nice wholesome family layout and reworked it for college debauchery. Nice, huh?

I set aside some space on the page for the headline, then carefully trimmed and laid out the pictures. Each picture has a couple millimeters of space around it.

I had some translucent paper in my stash and used a round cookie cutter to trace the circles. No, I don’t own fancy circle cutters. I traced and cut out the letters on white paper.

Headline closeup.

I realized at the 11th hour that I couldn’t use double stick tape for translucent paper or else it would show through. I used a glue stick instead.

Will I Show this to My Kids?

I don’t actually have kids yet and I have no idea if I would ever show this to them. I have no idea if they will even want to look at my scrapbooks anyway.

Why even make the page in the first place? Because the pictures are awesome and they were a part of the college experience. I usually err on the side of including something that helps tell the story, even if it’s questionable.

The friends who know very well they are featured on this page will have to come over to my house to have a look.

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