I Don’t Make My Christmas Cards AND I’m Cheap

Yup, I said it.

I could probably start a second blog about my failings as a paper crafter. If I could name one thing that I probably should be doing, it would be making cards.

Sure, I make a card every now and again like this one I did for a wedding earlier this year. These are one-off things and I am not ready for prime time mass production. I send out too many cards and if I couldn’t make each and every one of them perfectly, I would go crazy.

My solution is to step away from the sauce and know my limits.

Still, why not get a jump on next year? I always feel that I don’t have enough time during the Christmas season, and that’s even using store-bought cards.

Enter Papyrus

I have never been that person. You know, the ones that stock up on decorations and wrapping paper at the after-Christmas sales. Still, I couldn’t help myself this week and happened to be in the neighborhood of a Papyrus store. All of their holiday cards were 50% off. These aren’t bottom-of-the-barrel cards. These were primo-super-cute-glitter-all-over-the-place cards.

The husband and I each picked out our favorites and we are set for next year!

A Word of Warning

Just a friendly tip: don’t store these with your Christmas decorations. I made the mistake of storing Christmas card supplies with the regular Christmas decorations years ago. I couldn’t get a head start on the cards because they were banished to the back of the garage.

I picked up a nice storage box at Ikea. All of my cards for next year fit neatly in the box. I also store all the cards I received from friends and family in the box so I can remember to add folks to my list next year. The box is from the Ikea Kassett series if you have a store near you.

Next year I’m going to be so ahead of the game.

I keep telling myself that.

Tips & Ideas

  • Check out sales at specialty paper and card stores, they will have excellent stock they are trying to unload.
  • Papyrus is closing out all holiday cards at 50% off.
  • Don’t think you missed the boat! The girl at Papyrus said to keep checking back because they will be shipping holiday close-out to the stores over the next month.
  • Store your holiday card supplies next year somewhere inside where you can get to them before the decorations go up.
  • The storage boxes I use are the Kasset series from Ikea, available here.

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