Scrapbook Layout: Football Pages In Detail

Last week I shared my six football page layouts from my last football season as a student.  To avoid information overload, I saved some of the fun details for this week.

The Photo Bar

I used a long photo bar at the bottom of each page to tie the six pages together.  The bar is designed to be flush with the left and right edges of the page once the book is rebound.

First, I cut a piece of paper to measure 10.75 inches by 6.25 inches.  I used a plain white sheet for the picture below, but most of the time I actually reuse printed sheets that were otherwise on their way to the recycle bin.  No one will see what’s on the paper, so what does it matter?

Next, I took a handful of pictures and casually laid them out over the white paper.  I do not make any cuts until I’m sure I have the pictures where I want them.

Then, I trim the photos as necessary.  I mark the edges of each one on the white paper and secure them using double-stick tape and glue.

After each photo is glued in its place, I trim off the outer edges.

The result is a clean-looking bar to add to the bottom of the page.  I affixed very thin blue and yellow strips to the top and bottom of the bar to give it some definition.

Title Block

I designed this simple title block for my freshman year football layouts eons ago.  I decided to keep it constant for every football season I scrapbook.  It contains pertinent information that helps remind me what happened that season:

  • The Year
  • Theme (the football marketing department themes promotional materials for each season)
  • Win-Loss Record
  • Coach
  • Quarterback (yes, it was that Aaron Rodgers)

Showing Both Sides of an Item

Whenever I can, I usually save more than one of something.  I never know when I’m going to need to copies!  This is especially helpful with 2-sided items.  In my student orientation layout, I used several of one item so I could showcase the front and back.

But in this case, I only had a single flyer.  It had a picture on the front and printed message on the back.  I solved this by cutting a hinge out of cardstock and gluing it to the flyer.

Then I glued the other side of the hinge to the page.

Tips & Ideas

  • Recycle printed paper to make things like photo bars if none of it will be showing anyway.
  • Don’t trim pictures when making photo bars or mini collages until you are sure everything is in the right place.
  • Create title blocks to showcase important information about an event.
  • Use hinges to showcase the front and back of items.

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