Paper Bow Take Two: Wrapping Paper Edition

I posted a handcrafted bow earlier for my niece’s birthday present.  My previous post used 12″x12″ scrapbook paper.  Would this work with wrapping paper?  Wrapping paper is more flimsy, but this would be a great way to use up scraps.

I happened to have some pretty snowflake paper lying around but there wasn’t enough left to wrap a really big gift.

Let’s Review the Instructions

Please visit my Paper Bowl Tutorial Post for complete instructions and measurements.  We start by cutting strips of paper that are 3/4-inch wide and varying lengths:

  • 6 strips – 12 inches
  • 4 strips – 11 inches
  • 1 strip – 10 inches
  • 1 strip – 5 inches

Then form the strips into wide double-edged loops.

Finally, assemble them by using your adhesive of choice.  I’m making this sound easy, right?  Make sure you click back to the previous post so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Results May Vary . . .

With this bow, I actually made the loops very wide in order to give the bow more body.  It turns out that if your loops are wider you may not need all of them.  I ended up using two fewer loops on this one.  A good rule of thumb is to cut and form the full number of loops.  Then stack them and check if you need them all.

The Verdict

The finished product turned out great!  A small caveat – wrapping paper is more fragile so handle with care.  I had to be careful when stapling it so I wouldn’t smash it.

Although these look great and are easy to make, I don’t think I’ll be mass producing them for Christmas.  I’ll make a few more  of these then use wire ribbon on other gifts in order to save time.   The husband’s response to all of this?  “Well if you aren’t going to make many more of these, I’m taking this one to go on one of your presents.”  Glad I could be of service.

Tips & Ideas

  • Visit Paper Bow Tutorial for full instructions and to avoid some of my earlier pitfalls.
  • You can use any type of paper to make these bows.
  • Assemble with care if the paper you are using is thin!
  • Use wrapping paper remnants to make some cool looking bows.
  • I think these bows would look great if made out of holiday-themed paper grocery bags.  I’m probably going off the deep end with that one.

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4 thoughts on “Paper Bow Take Two: Wrapping Paper Edition

  1. I did it! Your instructions were perfect. It was just what I needed to top off the present. Bows are so expensive, so this saved me about $2-$3.

    Joanna 🙂

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