Scrapbook Layout: School Days

The challenge with this page was a tall order: how can I make class interesting? I had a handful of exams and handouts in my shoe box. Since I suppose college is as much about taking classes as it is about having fun, I would be remiss if I didn’t include it.

But what to do? I thought a collage would be a cop-out. I perused scrapbook layouts online and happened upon this layout by Beth Proudfoot on Write. Click. Scrapbook. (original post here). It was the square headline that caught my eye. What if I expanded on the idea and created a series of squares in addition to square headlines? One really time consuming page out of simple items, coming right up!

I cut plain squares in various sizes to see how they would fit on the page. I finally settled on 2 1/4-inch squares.

Then, I set out to cut squares out of my school papers, making sure to get snippets of words to make me look really smart.

I backed each square in alternating colors of orange, navy blue and charcoal grey.

It took a fair amount of fiddling on Microsoft Word to get the font size and spacing correct for the headlines.

I cut out the headlines and backed them in one of my chosen colors.

Then oh-so-carefully, I used my grid rulers to mark the spacing between the boxes and glued everything down.

Well, almost everything. I assume you noticed the picture and the baseball ticket. What do those have to do with going to class? I wondered the same thing myself. My original intention with this page was to do 3/4 of the page about class, then take the last quarter of the page and show the picture and ticket from a Giants’ playoff game. The picture and the ticket weren’t enough to do an entire page out of. I was pretty stumped on how to make them mesh. Then I remembered: I skipped class to go to that playoff game. Presto!

I included the picture as one of the squares, then measured the width of two squares to make room for the ticket. I only have occasional moments of brilliance and I’m very pleased with myself here.

Tips & Ideas

  • Inspiration for the headlines came from this layout on Write. Click. Scrapbook.
  • To make similar square headlines, use a text box tool in a word processing program. Then play with font size and spacing for each line.
  • Use an interesting layout idea to take otherwise boring items and make them look awesome.

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