Scrapbook Layout: Welcome Week

I love how this page turned out because it has a little bit of everything:  a flyer, a handout, 4×6 prints, digital pictures and an overly-intricate headline.  Blending different forms of media is fun and I prefer it to only pictures or only scraps.  It makes the scrapbook look like a scrapbook instead of a photo album.

I wanted to anchor the top and bottom of the page with mini prints of digital pictures.  It’s a great option if you have a lot of pictures to use and are short on space.  My choices were also limited because the digital pictures I had were of poor quality and couldn’t be printed any larger than a couple of inches.  In other words, make it work.  Photo paper is very expensive, so I always print draft copies of digital pictures first.  After playing with placement, cropping and sizing, I print the real ones.

The mini pictures were attached to strips of blue cardstock which I would later glue to the top and bottom of the page.  These didn’t get glued on until the very end after I sorted out and finished the center of the page.

I used a collage for the center of the page for a couple of reasons.  First, I thought it contrasted nicely with the orderly borders I had just finished and second, I had a lot of material I wanted to include (isn’t that always the case?).  I played with the placement of everything before trimming or gluing down any single piece.  I also printed out a couple of draft headlines so I could get an idea of sizing and placement for later.

Carefully trimming each item bit by bit, I gradually glued each piece down to the page.

Time to tackle the headline.  I decided to make it difficult by cutting out the letters and then extra difficult by using a script font instead of a block-style.  Nope, I don’t own one of those cutting machines.

To do this by hand, I used the same method as I did with the scrapbook title page, essentially making my own carbon paper.  The difference here was that instead of transferring the design and coloring in, I transferred the design onto cardstock and cut it out.

I cut as much as I could with scissors, then switched to an x-acto knife for the rest.

I knew this was a bad idea, it took forever (well, about 50 minutes).  If you are interested, the font is Lauren Script.  I had to use tweezers to place the headlines on the page.

Headlines on and borders glued down, this one is done!

Tips & Ideas

  • Don’t be afraid to blend scraps right along with your pictures.
  • Print draft copies of digital pictures with low ink quality and play around with them before printing the real thing.
  • If your digital pictures are of low quality, you can still print them as mini prints.
  • The headline font is Lauren Script.  A free download is available at
  • Headlines can be done without a cutting machine using this method, but unlike me, make it easy on yourself by using block-like fonts.

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