Grass is Greener?

All finished!

As promised, here is the further post about grass that I talked about earlier.  When I put together the two scrapbook pages on the Momentum Turf installation, I was only able to fit half of the pictures I took.   It was quite remarkable to watch the transformation.  The entire collection of pictures is below for you to enjoy.

After head coach Jeff Tedford’s resurrection of the Bears during his first season, a donor plunked down  $975,000 to have Momentum Turf installed.  Not only was the surface safer, it was more durable.  Unlike with natural grass, the football team would be able to use the turf as a practice field.

At that point, I had only ever seen games played on grass at Memorial.  I was working on campus all summer leading up to my senior year and I knew the turf would be installed at some point before football season.  I can’t remember how, but I managed to find out what day the grass would be taken out.  I went up to the stadium to get a last look at the field before everything changed.  I went back the next day and watched the grass unceremoniously getting rolled away.  I decided to head back every day during my lunch break.  I took these pictures standing just above the concourse between sections WW and X.

Please ask permission before copying any of the pictures.  Thanks!

Last look at the grass. The field was used for other sports during the spring semester and as a result, usually got quite beat up.

Tractor comes in to remove the sod in neat rolls. A forklift stacks them up.

Sod is all rolled up. It appears someone is taking a roll home.

Nothing but dirt. Tractors scoop up the excess. Note painters finishing the Gold Zone in the foreground.

Dirt getting watered. The Gold Zone is finished. Look closely at the field for a marker denoting where the North Goal Post should be.

Another day, more watering the dirt. I assume getting the base prepped and leveled took a while.

More watering and some guys in hard hats on the left checking things out.

The boundaries of the playing surface are marked.

Gravel is first laid out on the playing surface, then extended outward.

The turf arrives. Installation begins at the 50-yard line, moving outward.

Installation of the playing surface continues. Everything begins to move very quickly at this point.

Preparing to add the endzones.

Endzones are added. A pile of numbers is sitting waiting to be sewn on.

Turf outside playing surface added. Letters in the south endzone and hash marks are sewn down. Workers preparing to sew down numbers.

Same day as above. Workers pulling out another piece of turf at left.

Close up of turf being pulled out.

North endzone letters and script Cal sewn in. Field boundaries laid out.

Rubber pellets are incorporated into the turf.

All finished!


4 thoughts on “Grass is Greener?

    • They are about one day apart each. I went up every day at the same time. The grass came up really really quickly. I only have one picture of that because I had to get back to work. It was a lot of looking at dirt for a while. When they finally got the gravel down and leveled, it was lightening fast.

  1. Absolutely remarkable. The process is cool to see but your dedication and consistency to chronicle this important event in Cal Football history is fantastic! Thank you!

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