Scrapbook Layout: Not Just a Family Reunion

See?  This is why using 11×14 pages is awesome:  you can fit two events on one page.  I had a family reunion and summer orientation to work with, and not many pictures for either.  Usually I sketch out each page before doing the layout, but I had no idea what to do here.

I started with the summer orientation portion.  I only had one picture and some recruiting postcards I designed back then.


I decided to keep it simple and trim the picture to allow room for a headline.  I used the same font for the headline as I did in the postcard to keep the look consistent:  Times New Roman in small caps.

It occurred to me that if I kept the layout in a neat grid, I could extend that grid for the family reunion part of the page.  I wanted to have two separate events but tie the design together so it didn’t look like I was mashing things up.  Alright, I was trying to mash things up but I didn’t want it to look that way.

Keeping a one-eighth-inch space between each object, I laid out the family reunion pictures.  Three of the four pictures were digital, so I printed out draft copies to play with the sizing before printing the real thing.

Although I probably should have used a more playful font for the family reunion, I wanted to keep it the same throughout the page to tie everything together.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I like clean lines and simple layouts (if you saw my closet you would notice this isn’t limited to my scrapbooks).  This is more simple than my usual pages, but I love how it turned out.


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