Tips & Ideas

I’ve organized all of my posts that share helpful tips and techniques, whether they be scrapbooking related or just general.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  As always, please share your experiences if you use any of these ideas.  I would love to hear about your projects!

Transferring a Design Using Makeshift Carbon Paper

Organizing Keepsakes to Prepare for Scrapbooking

Saving Newspapers from Important Events and how to Store Them

How to Add Fragile Items to your Scrapbook

Using Wrapping Paper in a Layout

Sketching Layouts

How to Keep a Travel Journal

Scrapbook Budgeting (Guest Post)
Magazine letters turned into headlines.

Evolution of Scrapbooking Technique (Guest Post)

Saving Travel Keepsakes

Simple Ways to Take Pictures During Your Vacation

Why I Use a Photo Printer

Using Printer Paper More than Once

Crafting with Transit Maps

Scanning and Resizing Keepsakes for Your Scrapbook

Organize Your Photos:

How to Stretch Text Using Microsoft Word
Stretched text

How to Make Sure Your Camera Numbers Photos Sequentially
Sequential Photo Numbering

Using Spare Postcards as Notecards
Postcards as Notecards

Our Anniversary Photo Tradition
Anniversary Photo

The Big List: Planning Scrapbook Layouts

Using Google Docs to keep a scrapbook list.

Finding the Owner of a Photo and Protecting Your Photos
Mystery Photo

The Big Purge – Purging Photos after Scrapbooking
Purging pictures

The Big Purge 2 – Purging Keepsakes after Scrapbooking
Scrapbook keepsakes

Color Inspiration from Color Palettes
Color Palette

Make Sure to Get that Key Photo
Las Vegas Trip

Scrapbooking with Squares
Scrapbooking with Squares

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