Papier de Paris

Paris Paper by Natalie ParkerParis Paper by Natalie Parker

I’ve been to Paris a few times now.  This was the first trip I got to go paper shopping!  I followed this excellent post from Damask Love and visited two of the shops on her list.

Both of these shops are right across the street from each other on the right bank, a very quick walk from Île Saint-Louis. 

At Papier Plus, I picked up this card and envelope set.  Grey and yellow – love!  It comes packaged in a larger grey envelope and includes a pencil.

Paris Paper by Natalie Parker

I also purchased a card with a picture of the shop on it.  The photo above is the inside of the shop.  Minding my Parisian manners, I asked the shopkeeper first if it was okay before I got out the camera.

Paris Paper by Natalie Parker

At Calligrane, I bought this neat note/envelope pack.  The note folds into an envelope and has adhesive to seal it.

Paris Paper by Natalie Parker

But the best thing I saw were these wood grain envelopes.  They’re made from real wood!  The shopkeeper spread several out on the counter, told me what wood they were made from, and let me pick which ones I wanted.  They are all unique!

Paris Paper by Natalie Parker

Lovely paper from a lovely city.  I don’t need another reason to love Paris but I’ll take it!

Papier Plus 9 rue de Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris
Calligrane 6 rue de Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris

Springtime in Paris

Flowers booming along wrought-iron fence in St .Germain de Pres, Paris by Natalie ParkerView out an apartment window in Paris by Natalie ParkerBread, butter, ham and champagne in Paris by Natalie ParkerRue Maurice Utrillo in Montmarte, Paris by Natalie ParkerReading Hemingway in Paris by Natalie ParkerReading in Les Jardins des Tuleries in Paris, by Natalie ParkerBlooming trees outside Notre Dame, Paris by Natalie ParkerParkers at a Champagne bar by Natalie Parker

Mr. P and I spent last weekend in Paris because . . . why not?  We lucked out with the weather.  It was mild, the sun was out, and everything was blooming.

Thinking back to my post last week about the “right” amount of pictures to take on a vacation, how did I do?  I’m giving myself a B+ here.  We’ve been to Paris many times now, so I only took pictures occasionally.  I ended up with about 260 which I cut down to 132 after we got home.

I still wish I got more pictures of us during our trips.  Mr. P and I are painfully shy, so I only get up the nerve to ask someone to get our picture once or twice.

Le sigh.  Paris is easily my favorite city in the world.  I’m already missing the bread.

The Travel Tradition

Papyrus Drawing

Summer has finally reached my neck of the woods and I’m enjoying the blog posts everywhere about vacations near and far.

Since I’ve already taken my big trip for the year, I want to share one of my favorite travel traditions.

We always bring back a piece of art, usually inexpensive street art. We like having something on our wall that reminds us of where we’ve been and there’s usually a story around the hunt for the right piece.

In Paris, we bought from an artist on the right bank of the Seine near the Louvre.  We couldn’t agree on which drawing we wanted.  The artist thought we were trying to haggle and kept dropping the price while the husband and I continued our disagreement.  We ended up with two!

During this last trip in Cairo, we found ourselves in a giant papyrus shop pouring over stacks of drawings.  The drawing we loved was framed in a display.  The shopkeeper pulled out piles of drawings, thumbing through them, saying he had one exactly like it ready to go.  Each one he pulled out was just slightly different, the geese were a different color, the lotus flowers looked different, etc.  He finally pulled the one out of the display, wrapped it for us and we skipped out of the store.

Did I mention our place is tiny?  We may run out of walls.

Want to see more pictures of the papyrus shop and the drawings we bought in Paris?  Head over to my Facebook page to see a special photo album.  Don’t have a Facebook account?  You can still click the link and see the pictures!