Crafting with Transit Maps

I posted earlier about making coasters out of old maps. Two of the coasters weren’t “old” maps at all: I printed transit maps.

Crafts using transit maps look so cool and colorful. You don’t actually need to visit the city to get one! Most major transportation agencies post color route maps online. All you need is a color printer.

You don’t need special paper, the New York bus map above is printed on regular printer paper.

Download Your Own Transit Maps:

Don’t see yours listed here? Just Google the city and “transit map” to get to the transit authority for your area.

Coasters of New York Bus system and Washington Metro system.

Speaking of the Washington DC Metro, Gaby from Give a Hoot used the Metro map to create this awesome piece of art:

Happy crafting!

Map Coasters and Memories

Picture this: new home, new coffee table. What’s missing? New coasters.

Yes, coasters, very important.

I saw lots of fun coaster tutorials online, but was really struck by these map coasters I saw from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Being me, I couldn’t just use any old map. No, I live for making things more difficult. I decided to use special maps, i.e. maps I had saved from past travels. They were in the closet anyway and free. Continue reading