College Scrapbook

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College Scrapbook Posts

Match the number of the layout in the slideshow above with the post from the list below.

  1. Title Page with University Seal and Makeshift Carbon Paper Instructions
  2. Course Catalog Collage “Intro” Page
  3. Family Reunion & Student Orientation, Two Events on One Page
  4. Campanile (Campus Clock Tower) Restoration
  5. Installation of Turf on Football Field (includes real turf!)
  6. College Welcome Week
  7. Back to Class – Squares from Assignments and School Exams
  8. Six Football Season LayoutsSecond Post with More Detail Here.
  9. College Parties
  10. Big Game Week (Rivalry Week)
  11. Decorating Campus for Rivalry Week
  12. Bonfire Rally
  13. The Big Game
  14. Axe Rally
  15. Holiday Layout using Wrapping Paper
  16. Bowl Game Roadtrip
  17. News Articles from the School Year
  18. Basketball Season with the Statement Picture
  19. Ball & Banquet
  20. Two Events on One Layout, Includes my own Handwriting
  21. Formal Banquet with ZigZag Binding Technique
  22. Bay to Breakers Race with Stretched Text
  23. Yosemite National Park, Stretching Photos Across Squares
  24. Special Recipe Layout
  25. Graduation Party
  26. Graduation Title Page with Invitation
  27. Graduation
  28. Final Page with Poem

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