Baseball Scrapbook Layouts by Natalie ParkerI’m wrapping up my 2005 scrapbook (just one more layout to show you).  Looking back at what I’ve made so far since finishing my wedding scrapbook, I realize that my style is always going to evolve.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever fall into a “look.” It’s pretty easy to pick out something by Ali Edwards (I read her a lot, I know what her kids look like, not that I’m stalking).  At this point, not to worry.  I think I’m constantly growing and stretching my design chops and growth is good!

Speaking of growth, I want to start adding more captions directly on photos.  Ali does this a lot as does Liz Tamanaha.  I love that it gives more context to the photos without cluttering the layout.  Since I’m too lazy to learn a busy grad student, I haven’t picked up Photoshop yet so I’ll still be using ye olde Microsoft Word or Picasa to add text.

As always, onward!

Are there things you want to try more with your layouts?  Have you tried putting text directly on photos?

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