Antarctica by Natalie Parker 8Spring has sprung and April is clean-out month at my house.  Any time we have for housework we are spending cleaning out closets, cabinets, and our garage.

What a difference a few years make.  How our priorities in life have changed.

We collect memories, not things.  We choose to live in a smaller place with less room for “stuff.”  Our smaller home lets us live closer to fun things in our neighborhood and saves us money so we can go out and create memories.

I used to dream about saving all of my books so I could have a Belle library one day.  Every bookish girl dreams of having her own library.  I was holding onto a lot of books I won’t read again just to have a big collection.  Why do I need a collection just for the sake of having a collection?

Buy a big house with a library for all of these books?  Or save the money to go on another adventure?  I’d choose the adventure.  Every time.

I didn’t throw out all my books.  But I did decide I’m only keeping what can fit on the shelf.  I’m amazed that Mr. P feels the same way.  He’s not pressuring me to get rid of things and I’m not pressuring him.  We both have a clear sense of what matters to us.

When I’m old, I don’t think I’m going to look back fondly at the bookcase.  I’m going to remember the great memories we created.  The books are just an example.  We attacked the garage and our office closet.  The bathroom and hall closets are next.  Our bedroom closet and clothes got the treatment in January.

It’s hard to get rid of things that are perfectly good.  The solution?  We try to sell, donate, or give things to friends.  We have a favorite charity store in town, plus another store that takes paper goods and scrapbooking supplies I won’t use.  We are much more mindful now about what we will bring into the house.  Do we really need it?  They were giving away hats at the baseball game, but do we need them?  Will we use them?

I’ve read many places that we get more value out of experiences than things.  It’s taken us a while to realize it but I emphatically agree.  There’s a lightness that we feel when we have space to grow.  Space to grow and places to go.


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