Valentines by Natalie ParkerValentines by Natalie ParkerValentines by Natalie ParkerValentines by Natalie ParkerI participated in a valentine exchange with a bunch of my friends this year.  Because I’m me, I designed my own!

I gave myself a challenge: use up all of those pink envelopes leftover from the wedding scrapbook.  You know the ones I’m talking about: the envelopes I bought to cut up and make pink accents because no one was selling pink shimmer stock and then I overbought on the envelopes to make sure I wouldn’t run out. *Exhale*

I designed a long narrow valentine to fit in the envelope.  I went with “all you need is love,” printed in Ostritch Sans and Lavanderia.  The text is printed on white cardstock, then backed in kraft paper.

I cut tiny little gold hearts with the Silhouette and glued them to the front.  Easy enough!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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