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I have a rule.  I don’t redo pages.

I set boundaries for myself.  This is, after all, a hobby (although if you’d like to pay me for it, I’m listening).  I choose not to stress about certain things because a hobby is supposed to be fun.

There are plenty of times when I’m not 100% happy with a finished product (most recently, this page).  Usually it’s because I want to make it perfect.  I try to take time while I’m making the page to figure out what’s bothering me and fix it.  If I can’t?  No big deal.

What about scrapbooking I did 10 years ago?  I can find many things “wrong” with my pages:  the layouts aren’t great, I didn’t edit and included every picture, and I may have used some supplies that weren’t acid free.  I still won’t redo them.  I simply consider those pages a record of how my style has evolved.

I have too many things ahead of me in life that need to be scrapbooked to worry about redoing things.

What’s your take on redoing pages?

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