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Cell Phone Photo Blog HopHalf of 2012 is gone already!  Just like that.

Today I’m sharing some cell phone pictures from the second quarter of 2012 (see the Q1 pics here).  I’ve asked some awesome bloggers to join me for a blog hop and share a bit from their phones/lives.

Nat: Almost Never Clever http://www.almostneverclever.com (You are here)
Tammy: Your Memory Connection http://www.yourmemoryconnection.com/
Ginger: Ginger’s Life of Spice http://gingerslifeofspice.blogspot.com/
Danielle: EcoScrapbook http://ecoscrapbook.blogspot.com/
Jessica: Sweet ‘N’ Scrappy http://sweetnscrappy.com/
Mariah: Its Fun2Scrap http://www.fun2scrap.blogspot.com/
Jen: Down Home South Jersey http://downhomesouthjersey.com/

Why do this?  I think people capture different parts of their lives with their phone cameras as opposed to normal cameras.  It’s really interesting to see life through phone pictures.  Plus, it’s an incentive to organize your cell phone pictures!

When you’re done here, I hope you hop over to Tammy’s blog and check out her pictures!

My Cell Phone, April – June 2012

Before I begin, a story:  My phone died when I was at my sister’s wedding.  I hadn’t saved any pictures since I did this post in April.  All my pictures were gone.  Except they weren’t.  Several months ago I enabled the auto-upload feature on my Google+ account.  Every single picture that I lost had been automatically uploaded to my account .  Yup, I’m totally the guy from this commercial.

Now the pictures!  I tried not to do too much food this time!

Left:  The Cleveland Cascade – an urban staircase a few blocks away from where I live.  When I’m really on top of things, I run these stairs on Sunday mornings.  Right:  I bought a new beanie to wear to baseball games – I decided bright is better.

Cell Phone Photo Blog HopLeft: Baby feet!  My coworker’s newborn came to visit our office.  Right: Mr. P and I on a sunny evening on the deck of one of our favorite watering holes.

Cell Phone Photo Blog HopBoth of these are from dinner at Bocanova on Jack London Square.  I loved the light fixtures and the dinner was amazing!

Cell Phone Photo Blog HopLeft: A Sunday lazy breakfast at Arizmedi Bakery.  It’s called a “chocolate thing.”  Right:  I cook dinner and break in my bridesmaid shoes for my little sister’s wedding.

Cell Phone Photo Blog HopLeft: Stopped by a super cool new bar that has a boxing themeRight: Have you ever tried salsa instead of salad dressing on your salad?  Try it, it’s awesome!

http://prizefighterbar.com/Left:  Chairman Mao – I took this right after I picked up money for our trip to ChinaRight:  My little sister’s dog when we visited for her wedding.

Cell Phone Picture Blog HopLeft: Matt Cain’s perfect game!  I can’t believe I was lucky enough to be there to see it in person.  Right:  At dinner, I experiment with the front-facing camera on my phone.

Cell Phone Picture Blog HopLeft: My little sister gave us half of her cheesecake wedding cake top because it was too much for them to eat.  We happily took it off her hands.  Right:  At the end of the month, Mr. P and I saw American Idiot – it knocked my socks off!  Such a great end to the month.

Cell Phone Picture Blog HopAll pictures were cropped and processed on my computer with Picasa.

Some things you may notice are missing:  Nothing from my little sister’s wedding.  My phone broke while we were there, so no phone pictures :(  Nothing from China.  I don’t use my phone a lot when traveling internationally.  My regular camera is usually surgically attached to my hand.

Stay tuned for next time! I’ll be doing a blog hop again in the Fall – it’s a good reminder for me to get the pictures off my phone.  If you want to join, leave me a message in the comments and I’ll email you when the time comes.

Head off to Tammy’s blog to continue the hop!