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How to be a great wedding guestWhen I was a newlywed, I was so happy to see my friends’ pictures while I was waiting for the photographer to get us the official ones.

Yeah, back when I got married eons ago, it was just after disposable camera era.  Remember those?  When people bought special wedding disposable cameras and put them on the tables for guests to take pictures? Anyway, my guests sent me CD’s of their pictures.How to be a great wedding guestNow everyone posts pictures instantly on Facebook after the wedding.

Facebook is great, but it isn’t permanent.  The bride and groom need your actual photo files.  Trust me, send them to the couple and they will love you forever.  Quite a few pictures in my wedding scrapbook were taken by friends and family.

But wait, aren’t the files too big to send over email?  I have a solution:  you upload the files to Google Docs and have the couple download them.

How to Share Original Photo Files with the Bride & Groom

First, once you are done editing the photos (optional), zip the files together.

Zip and Share Wedding Pictures with Bride on GoogleDocsSecond, click and drag the zip file to GoogleDocs (which is currently changing to GoogleDrive).  This will start the upload.

Zip and Share Wedding Pictures with Bride on GoogleDocsThird, share the file with the bride and groom so they can download it.

Zip and Share Wedding Pictures with Bride on GoogleDocsHere are the steps again:

  1. Review photos, edit and delete as necessary.
  2. Zip the folder of photos together.
  3. Upload the Zip file to GoogleDocs/GoogleDrive
  4. Share uploaded file with the couple.
  5. Delete the uploaded file after the couple has downloaded the pictures (they will have to tell you that they’ve done this).

Not sure how to do any of this?  Leave me a comment and I’ll explain.

The Wedding Flickr Account

If you are planning your wedding, consider setting up a Flickr account for your wedding pictures.  My friend Maryal did this a few weeks ago for her wedding and handed out these cute cards to all her guests.

Wedding Guest Flickr AccountGoogleDocs/GoogleDrive is owned by Google.  I work for Google.  My affiliation with Google in no way affects or sways my opinions on its products.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

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