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Wedding scrapbook family layoutThis wedding scrapbook page is a mix of candid and posed family pictures before the ceremony. There’s no rhyme or reason, they are just fun pictures with no specific place.

This layout is inspired by Sharyn Carlson’s layout below.  I’ve talked about Sharyn’s wedding scrapbook before but it’s worth repeating:  Sharyn had one of the best examples of a comprehensive wedding scrapbook when I was looking for ideas.

Wedding Scrapbook Sharyn CarlsonI took the square-rectangle idea and backed my picture set on some patterned paper.

Wedding scrapbook family layoutI backed that on some silver shimmer stock, leaving room for a big vertical headline.

Wedding scrapbook family layoutIt needed an extra something, so I added a flourish cut from the pink envelopes.

Wedding scrapbook family layoutI love how this page is a mixed of posed and casual shots.  This picture below is one of my favorites.  My family finished taking pre-ceremony pictures and was sitting on a bench together.  A friend got this shot – it isn’t even a professional picture!

Wedding scrapbook family layoutThis started with a bunch of pictures I didn’t know what to do with and turned into one of my favorite pages!

Wedding scrapbook family layoutTo see all the pages of my wedding scrapbook so far and to learn more about the papers I’m using, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

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