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Wedding Scrapbook SketchAs I get ready to take you through the wedding part of my wedding scrapbook, it’s useful to know my process.

You may think because I’m uber organized that I’ve planned how this entire book will work.  That’s a ton of pressure.  I can’t make decisions like that!

If I plan the whole book today, I’ll likely change my mind later.  I’m going to take this book one bit at a time.  When I scrapbook, I do what feels right at the time I’m working on it.  That’s it.  No regrets.

I’m starting with the first little chunk – pre-ceremony.  I make lists of what I want to include, then start sketching how many pages I think I’ll need.

Wedding Scrapbook SketchFrom there, I’m sketching ideas for layouts.  Sometimes I look at the pictures first, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I’ll see a layout online that I just know will work for one of my pages.

Wedding Scrapbook SketchOriginally I thought I would make all the layouts largely the same to tie the book together.  I decided that would be a boring process. Using the same papers tie it together well enough and I’m going to use lots of different layout designs.

Wedding Scrapbook SketchAfter I work my way through the first chunk and finish all the pages, I’ll start the whole process over with the next part.  Step by step, bit by bit.

This is really just a pep talk for myself.  Time to get going!

To see the supplies I’m using in my wedding scrapbook and progress so far, visit my wedding scrapbook page.