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Create PDF's for freeThere are times when I really want to create perfect craft projects.  Other times I’m burned out* and want it done.  This is cyclical, in case you were wondering.

Exhibit A: the invitation to my wedding rehearsal and dinner.  There was so much crafting to prep for my wedding that I didn’t want to make more projects for myself.

Still, I needed something to invite our families to the rehearsal and dinner.  I made it easy and sent a PDF.

Nope, you don’t need special expensive software to make PDF’s.  It’s free and super simple.

How to Create Your Own PDF’s for Free

First, download and install Cute PDF Writer (it’s free!).

Second, layout whatever you want to turn into a PDF in a printable format.  Any program that prints will do.  I made my invitation in Microsoft Word with a few pictures on the front and the details and dinner menu on the next few pages.

Create PDF's for freeFinally, print your document.  When the box pops up to confirm how you want something printed, select Cute PDF Writer from your list of printers.  Yup, it will be listed just like it is a printer.

Create PDF's for freeWhen you select it, instead of printing, it will turn your document into a PDF and prompt you to name the file.

Create PDF's for freeThat’s it!  It will save the file where you tell it to and now you have a PDF!

Create PDF's for freeDownload CutePDF Writer for Free Here

When I designed my rehearsal dinner scrapbook pages, I printed the PDF on 4 pages per sheet and turned it into a tiny booklet for the page.

I now use the heck out of this tool, hope it works for you!

*Clearly waiting 5 years to get to my wedding scrapbook is a result of said burnout.

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