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Wedding Planning Scrapbook LayoutSee, I told you we were moving right along!

I wanted to create a layout that captured the essence of all the planning we did.  I had tons of keepsakes leftover from planning and quite a few pictures of the process.  I ended up with a pretty simple layout!

Wedding Planning Scrapbook LayoutI can’t list exactly one place where I got the inspiration.  I’ve been lusting after layouts featuring vertical strips for quite some time!

A closeup – I trimmed down the receipt for our marriage license and barely got it to fit.  On the left is one of our wedding favors.  On the right is a picture of me addressing invitations.

Wedding Planning Scrapbook LayoutHere, I included pieces of two drawings we made.  The white one is a sketch of our ceremony site I made for the company delivering the chairs to show them where to set everything up.  The yellow one is where Mr. P and I decided where to put the tables at the reception and which table was for whom.  The picture between the maps is of a pile of response cards coming in the mail.

Wedding Planning Scrapbook LayoutI alternated the border on each piece with a different color of cardstock from my engagement paper scheme.

Finally, I cut a headline and flourish with the Silhouette.

Wedding Planning Scrapbook LayoutThe finished product:

Wedding Planning Scrapbook LayoutTo see all of the layouts in my wedding scrapbook, visit my wedding scrapbook page.

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